Welcome to my genealogy page. My research is focused on the ancestry of my grandparents’ names Le Nobel, Reeskamp, Raubichaud and House.

Roncq 1600s
Roncq 1600s

Le Nobel
• So far the oldest known le Nobel ancestor is Léonard le Noble (~1675-1715) from Roncq, France.
• In the early 18th century, his son Jean Léonard (1700-1750) emigrated to Middelburg, the Netherlands.
• From 1708 to 1713, during the War of the Spanish Succession, the area around Roncq near Lille was occupied by the Dutch.
• Potentially Jean Léonard left for the Netherlands with the Dutch.
• Read more about the le Nobel genealogy.

Gelderland 1800s
Gelderland 1800s

• Jan Jacobs Reeskamp, born 1758, lived in Brummen, Gelderland, the Netherlands, is my earliest known Reeskamp ancestor.
• In 1812 He changed is last name from Jacobs to Reeskamp (farm at the river Rees).

Loudun France
Loudun France

• In the early 17th century, France send expeditions to Nova Scotia to establish a settlement
• Amongst the earliest settlers was Etienne Robichaud born around 1639 in La Chaussée, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France


• William House, born around 1787 in England, emigrated to the US where he married and started a family in Philadelphia.
• Finding where William House exactly came from in England and finding earlier House ancestors is my brick wall.

LE NOBEL Sijbranda born 1909

Sybranda Le Nobel (1909-1984)
Sybranda (Branda) grew up in Scheveningen, the Netherlands where her father ran a psychiatric clinic.
*In 1934 she married Gustel HOWEISE, a painter from Yougoslavia with whom she lived in Munich. They divorced five years later. In 1946, just after WW2, she married Herman REESKAMP, a guitarist from Hilversum, the Netherlands. A year later their daughter Herma was born. Within a month after her birth, Herman died. In Korthenhoef Sybranda met Barend van Voorden with whom she bought a house in Maarssen.

REESKAMP Herman born 1903

Herman Reeskamp (1903-1947)
Herman was born in Utrecht and grew up in Bussum the Netherlands. His father was hardworking druggist who made sure is son went to college.
Studying law in Leiden, the Netherlands, Herman developed a love for rowing and athletics.
After his college years he started working as a gym teacher and in 1927, was involved in establishing a local club for athletics.
Herman had a passion for playing the guitar. In summer vacations he would bike to Spain to play guitar. In 1947, he suddenly died from a heart attack, leaving behind his wife Branda and his one month old daughter.

ROBICHEAU Lillian born 1900

Lillian Robicheau (1900-1997)

HOUSE William born 1880

William House (1880-1953)

Great grandparents
TEN BRUGGENCATE Antonia born 1884
Bam ten Bruggencate

LE NOBEL Willem born 1877
Willem Le Noble

Johanna Seegers

Gerard Reeskamp

BRACKETT Ethel born 1875
Ethel Brackett

ROBICHEAU Adolph born 1870
Adolph Robicheau

Maria Walker

Thomas House